AVI FLV Converter

AVI FLV Converter 1.0

AVI FLV Converter allows the users to convert AVI files to the FLV/MP3 format

AVI FLV Converter is a program that allows the users to convert AVI files to the FLV format.
That could be very useful if you want to include your video files in your website. The FLV format produces smaller files, with the same quality that the original AVI files. During this review, an AVI file whose size was 25 Mb. resulted in a much smaller FLV file (12 Mb.), with the same quality. This FLV file can also be played in other players, or just any web browser. This program is very easy to use and, in fact, allows very little input from the users. They will need to input the path and name of the original AVI file, if you want to convert that file to an FLV or MP3 file, and the path and name of the converted file. You will not be able to do any more. If you choose to convert the FLV video to the MP3 format, the program will just extract the audio from the video. This way you can extract just the sound from a musical video, obtaining a file that can be played in most sound players, portable devices and mobile phones.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free


  • You cannot specify the quality you want to apply to your target file
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